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Woman disowns cat for being gay in Nigeria

It is not just humans who are suffering from the recently passed law banning homosexuality, as a cat showing 'unnatural sexual behavior' is kicked out from his owner's home

Woman disowns cat for being gay in Nigeria

A woman has reportedly disowned her cat for being gay in Nigeria.

The unnamed Nasarawa State woman, according to a reputable local media source, said she would be giving away her pet of seven years after she discovered it was showing ‘unnatural sexual behavior’.

It is unknown whether she was also afraid her cat would break the law recently passed in Nigeria, making homosexuality illegal.

The cat named Bull was alleged to be in the habit of making sexual advances only to other male cats, even though there were female felines living in the same house.

In her posters, the owner expressed a strong belief in the divine purpose of creating a male and female of every creature to fulfil an ordained purpose of procreation.

‘Anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use for it,’ she said.

So far no one, in the Tudun Gwandara area of Lafia, has come forward looking to adopt a homosexual cat.

While this story is being reported widespread in Nigeria and in Africa online, GSN is unable to verify the story. And even if it is intended to be satirical or a hoax, it is proof of current Nigerian society.

And while this poor cat no longer has a welcome home, any gay human being is risking imprisonment by merely existing in Nigeria.

The recently passed legislation bans same-sex marriage, criminalizes gay clubs and associations, and sets up prison terms of up to 14 years.

Any person who knows a gay person must also tell the authorities or risk going to jail for up to five years.

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