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Woman fired from her job after TV station ‘outs’ her

Woman fired from her job after TV station ‘outs’ her

It’s been a rough few days for two women who ‘informally married each other’ in Bangalore, India.

Firstly, police filed a complaint against the women over their informal wedding. But then a TV station then photos of the two women identifying them. After their photos were shown on TV one of the women was fired from her job.

‘The company ( people called me in the morning and asked me if I want to continue in the job or not. They asked me to talk to my parents and get back. I told them I’ll talk to my lawyers and get back,’ the woman told the Bangalore Mirror (BM).

‘When I called them back at 5.30 pm, they said HR had decided that you leave the company since they know that it’s me who is making rounds in the media from morning. This is totally unfair.’ is an e-commerce marketplace which sells refurbished and second-hand goods.

The other women – who was given the alias Sahana in BM’s original story – confronted the TV network.

‘They told me that Bangalore Mirror had published the story and there was nothing wrong in them doing the same.’

The Mirror had not published the women’s photo or identified them. The women are claiming one of their fathers lodged the police complaint in a smear campaign against them.

Nothing to see here

Same-sex activity is illegal in India under Section 377 of the Penal Code.

‘A story about two adults who are not breaking any law is not a story worth sensationalising,’ Vidya from All Sorts of Queer told the BM.

‘If at all there was an angle in this story, it should have been about the parents who tried to coerce adult women away from exercising the rights that they enjoy as citizens of this country to live as they please and make their own decisions.

‘The actions of the police in aiding in this harassment and the irresponsible media coverage of the same show how far we have to go as a country.’