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Woman found guilty in attack on gay couple walking pink poodle

Woman found guilty in attack on gay couple walking pink poodle

A woman is facing up to 20 years in prison after being found guilty in connection with her husband’s alleged attack on a gay couple walking their pink poodle.

Saraya Gardner, 23, was found guilty on one count of obstruction of justice in a Oregon federal court.

Her husband, 23-year-old George Mason Jr, is accused of striking a gay man with a crowbar and hurling homophobic slurs at him on 1 March last year.

David Beltier, the 26-year-old victim, was with his boyfriend Jeremy Mark walking their pink poodle ‘Beauty’ when he was hit.

After the attack, according to KATU, he said he was lucky to be alive.

Since her husband was accused, Gardner repeatedly changed her story in talking with Hillsboro police as reported by Oregon Live.

She misled officers, who were searching for her husband, by telling them he was inside a Target store when she he was not there.

Her attorney Thomas Coan agreed that Gardner had lied to police in order to keep her husband out of jail and could not live without him.

After the verdict, Coan said they were disappointed. He questioned whether the prosecutors’ playback of jail phone calls and recounting of the homophobic slurs could have prejudiced the jury.

Gardner’s sentencing is scheduled for 12 May. Her husband’s trial is likely to start this week.