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Woman hurls homophobic abuse at lesbian couple on Barcelona subway

Woman hurls homophobic abuse at lesbian couple on Barcelona subway

Woman homophobic train lesbian couple

A woman hurled abuse at a lesbian couple on a subway train in Barcelona after she saw them kiss.

Carla Gallen, an artist from the Spanish city, posted the video on her Twitter account. According to her tweets, the verbal assault lasted for ten minutes with no one intervening.

She wrote on the tweet: ‘On Wednesday afternoon, my partner and I suffered homophobic aggression on the underground. A woman insulted and attacked us for kissing.’

The woman, speaking Spanish, is with a baby in a pram as she shouts at the couple: ‘Dyke, dyke what are you going to do with a video?’

Also, the attacker refers to her own brother as a ‘fa**ot’. She says: ‘You disgust me, I have a gay brother, but he doesn’t kiss in front of me because he respects me’

The woman then berates them for speaking Catalan, before saying: ‘If you want respect, you also have to respect me.’

After a while, the woman tries to grab the couple’s phone. After failing to grab it, she turns to the carriage and says: ‘This c**ksucker is recording me!’

A male passenger interjects at one point and says she should ‘express your opinion respectfully’.

According to Carla, the only person to get involved properly was ‘a person who, if any, was more likely to be assaulted than us, an elderly Muslim woman with a veil, who physically intervened when the woman tried to grab my cell phone and hurt my partner’s arm’

The victims said they filed a complaint with the Catalan police and the Observatory against Homophobia, who have informed the Prosecutor’s Office of Hate and Discrimination.

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