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Woman posts transphobic poll – internet responds in best way possible

Woman posts transphobic poll – internet responds in best way possible

Venice Allan runs the account @DrRadFem | Photo: Twitter

When a trans-exclusionary, so-called feminist, posted a poll with a transphobic and leading question – she was expecting her followers to deliver a decisive answer.

But the internet gave the opposite answer to what she was hoping for.

Venice Allan, who runs the ‘@DrRadFem’ twitter account posted a poll asking:

‘Are ‘transwomen’ men?’

Allan confirmed her opinion to Gay Star News was ‘Yes they are’ – by simply sending this image:

‘Trans Women Are Men’ | Photo: Venice Allan

But, the internet disagrees.

A staggering 17 thousand people voted in the poll. A decisive 79% disagreed, saying ‘no.’ Justifying their vote with comments like:

‘The word woman is in the title so how are they men?’ and ‘trans women are women.’

Though the majority disagreed with Allan, she is pleased it had so many votes – telling GSN:

‘The poll was about raising awareness about proposals to update the Gender Recognition Act and how this affects women’s rights and safety.’

Allan would like to see a UK law that protects gender recognition removed. The Gender Recognition Act allows trans people’s chosen gender to be recognized.

‘Of course, the poll attracted a fair amount of teasing from trans activists but, I like a bit of online banter, as long as nobody is abusive.’

However, Matthew Hodson the Exec Director of National Aids Map who voted in the poll, believes it was harmful.

‘Debating whether an individual has the right to identify their own gender, while trans peoples are losing their lives, through violence, depression or self-harm, is an indulgence we cannot afford,’ he tells GSN. ‘I believe we need to focus our attention on how we can support trans people. It’s time to end the epidemic of hatred that they face.’

Reflecting on the poll by Allan, the trans campaigner Jane Fae adds:

‘Despite an absolutely relentless campaign in some of the biggest newspapers in the county, progressive opinion solidly supportive of the trans community. Therefore, this poll demonstrates how out of touch, people like Venice Allen are.’

Trans positive blogger, Mimmymum agrees:

‘It’s wonderfully ironic that the vast majority of people who voted in this poll, recognize trans women as women. Hopefully, this finally puts to rest the need to ‘debate’ the validity of trans people’s identities.

Venice Allan’s ‘transphobic’ views

Allan has also repeatedly voiced transphobic opinions online. However, she does not recognize accusations of transphobia.

‘I always thought it was a fear and hatred of trans folk, which I definitely don’t have. I have always accepted trans women as honorary women on a case by case basis.’

However, she also described transphobia as ‘total BS’ and called trans women who don’t pass ‘ridiculous.’

Most recently she has been kicked out of the Labour party pending an investigation into ‘bullying and harassment.’ Announcing the ban on her own Twitter she said:

‘If stating that males are men means that Labour doesn’t want me, quite frankly I hope they chuck me out.’

It comes just months after her removal from a UK political party event for making young trans politician Lily Madigan ‘feel unsafe.’

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn stepped into the debate this week too. He made supportive remarks about people’s right to self-identify their gender.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show he said, ‘the position of the party is that where you self-identify as a woman, you are treated as a woman.’

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