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Woman thrown out of refuge because she showed ‘lesbian tendencies’

Woman thrown out of refuge because she showed ‘lesbian tendencies’

A celebration at Shree Chitra Home in India lesbian

A home for the ‘destitute and infirm’ care home has come under fire for throwing at a 19-year-old woman because they suspected she was a lesbian.

Sree Chitra Home for Destitute and Infirm is a charitable organization in India that houses women of all ages. It many cases it provides employment training and schooling for girls. According to its website ‘most of the girls are married to the right partners found by the authorities’.

But one girl in her twenties – known only as Shilpa – was not so fortunate after she was expelled from the home in June. She claimed she was thrown out for her ‘lesbian tendencies’.

‘At present, I have to travel all the way from my home to pursue my education in the city,’ Shilpa told the Deccan Chronicle.

‘Though the administration had told me that I was being expelled for my lesbian tendencies, officially they said  the reason was indiscipline.’

Shilpa’s case only came to light after trans activist Syama S. Prabha took up her case.

Prabha helped Shilpa make a formal complaint to the state’s District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) and the Kerala State Youth Commission.

The DLSA did take up her case but have had trouble pursuing action against the home. Representatives of the Sree Chitra Home failed to turn up to multiple proceedings about the case.

Prabha argued this was the home’s deliberate ploy to delay the proceedings.

The Sree Chitra Home has not responded to media requests for comment.

Prabha the star

Shilpa’s case was able to get the media’s attention thanks to Prabha’s high profile.

Along with being  the vice president of trans advocacy group, Queer Rhythm Organization, Prabha was the first trans TV anchor in India.

She hosts the show, Marivil Pole Manasiger, which is talk-show style show highlighting issues around marginalized communities.