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Half of reproductive-age women want easier access to abortion pills

Half of reproductive-age women want easier access to abortion pills

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A new survey revealed that half of reproductive-age women in the United States want easier access to abortion pills.

More than 7,000 women responded to the survey, and 49% said they supported new options for obtaining an abortion pill.

Currently, for a woman to get an abortion pill, they must go to a medical facility and take the first pill, mifepristone, in front of a clinician there. Later, at home, they take the second pill, misoprostol.

The survey displayed three different options for obtaining abortion medication.

45% supported getting the medication from doctors in advance for potential future use. Another 37% said they believe the pill(s) should be available as over-the-counter drugs. Finally, 30% said they believe they should be available online.

A quarter of these women said they’d use the first two options and another 16% said they’d use the online avenue.

Author Antonia Biggs said the support for this access is ‘extremely high’, especially given the survey is nationwide and includes women who don’t support abortion.

When they took into account only women who support abortion, support for the drugs increased to 62%.

Jill Adams, of the SIA Legal Team, told the Huffington Post: ‘Before abortion was declared legal by the Supreme Court more than 40 years ago, finding a safe abortion was really difficult.

‘But now people who can get abortion pills have a safe option to end a pregnancy on their own. In this scenario, and in this age, the risk is legal; it’s not physical. The image of the coat hanger has been supplanted by the image of handcuffs.’

As most pro-choice advocates argue, banning abortion won’t end abortions, it will only end safe abortions.

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