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WATCH: Wonder Woman proposes to Supergirl at fan convention

WATCH: Wonder Woman proposes to Supergirl at fan convention

Wonder Woman proposes to Supergirl at Paris Comic Con.
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Some couples get engaged at Disneyland. Others at a concert. This couple, however, just set a new bar — getting engaged as Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

At Paris Comic Con, an annual fan convention, a pair of cosplayers had a pretty memorable weekend.

During what looks like a presentation of sorts, a woman dressed as Wonder Woman starts talking to another woman dressed as Supergirl. As Star Wars cosplayers convene on stage (just go with it), Wonder Woman gets down on one knee.

The moment went viral over the weekend when a user posted it on Twitter.

People have liked it over 35,000 times and re-tweeted it over 13,000 times.

Luckily, another user came in to save the day with video footage of the proposal.

This super proposal got lots of cheers at Paris Comic Con. | Credit: Tumblr @ heaven-for-heathens


The video is in French but it’s clear from reactions that Supergirl was taken by surprise.

As the crowd erupts into applause and cheers — including Darth Vader — Supergirl says yes! The two embrace and it’s a very sweet moment.

Talk about relationship goals.