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The word ‘asexual’ is officially now in the dictionary

The word ‘asexual’ is officially now in the dictionary

Asexual is now in the dictionary

There is something special when a word is added into the dictionary.

It notes when something has been made official, a definition that will last for centuries, and is given recognition.

It happened when marriage was changed to include same-sex couples, and in recent years seen additions like gender-fluid and cisgender.

And now, ‘asexual’ is the latest word to be added to reflect the ever-growing understanding of society’s view on sexual minorities.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary updated the definition to say: ‘[People] not involving, involved with, or relating to sex, such as an asexual relationship.

It can also mean ‘not having sexual feelings toward others, or not experiencing sexual desire or attraction’.

The term as it relates to plants, as in lacking sexual organs, already existed as a biology term in the dictionary.

But this was an important win for the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

‘We did it!’ read a post on AVEN Facebook page. ‘It’s so great to see our community get together to accomplish this!’

‘Finally!’ one commenter said. ‘It is about time we get recognition.’