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World Medical Association condemns trans ‘cure’ therapy

World Medical Association condemns trans ‘cure’ therapy

World Medical Association takes stand against trans 'cure' therapy

The World Medical Association has condemned trans ‘cure’ therapy.

In new guidelines for how clinicians should deal with transgender patients, the body has said unequivocally that no single person in their care should be given treatments that they consider to be ‘dangerous’ to a person’s mental and physical health.

‘Transgender is not a disorder,’ the delegates said, saying there is a fundamental right for a person to define their own gender.

‘Every effort should be made to make individualized, multi-professional, interdisciplinary and affordable transgender healthcare.’

Held in Moscow, the delegates said appropriate training must be given to new medical staff and that discrimination and disenfranchisement must be tackled.

WMA President Sir Michael Marmot said: ‘We condemn all forms of discrimination, stigmatization and violence against transgender people and want to see appropriate legal measures to protect their equal civil rights. And as role models, physicians should use their medical knowledge to combat prejudice in this respect.

‘We would like national medical associations to take action to identify and combat barriers to care. It is important that there is appropriate expert training for physicians at all stages of their career to enable them to recognize and avoid discriminatory practices, and to provide appropriate and sensitive transgender healthcare.’