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‘The world needs to hear the ‘No Prejudice’ message’ say Eurovision contenders

‘The world needs to hear the ‘No Prejudice’ message’ say Eurovision contenders

With a theme of ‘Join Us’, the 59th Eurovision Song Contest takes place this week in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Iceland’s representative Pollapönk are certainly among the most colorful of the artists as they can be seen all around Copenhagen wearing their now traditional bright track suits.

They qualified for Eurovision by winning the Icelandic national final with their song Enga Fordóma, which has been translated into English as No Prejudice, a song championing equality for all.

Pollapönk is composed of four members, they have recorded two albums and played numerous gigs throughout Iceland.

Gay Star News had an exclusive interview with Pollapönk, to talk about their song.

‘With this song, it is Pollapönk’s aim to help eliminate all bullying and prejudice as everyone has the right to live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world’ they said.

The band seems to enjoy challenging the status quo. At yesterday’s Eurovision red carpet event they arrived wearing dresses.

‘We think that the world needs to hear the ‘no prejudice’ message. Especially from middle aged, heterosexual, white men like us. Being middle aged, heterosexual, white men makes us a majority group and we believe that we should use this opportunity to point out the injustice in this world.

‘Of course we know that it will not instantly make the world a better place. It is our small contribution.’

When asked on the red carpet how it felt to wear a dress, one member replied ‘It’s very comfortable to wear, and I feel sexy.’

On stage they will be joined by a member of the Icelandic parliament as a background vocalist.

‘We like to think that we have come a long way to overcome prejudice against gay people in Iceland. And we sure hope that there will come a day that being gay is no big deal and we can celebrate diversity’ they said.

‘Eurovision is watched by millions from all over the world by all kinds of people so it makes it a perfect stage to bring a message of no prejudice.’

Iceland perform in the first Eurovision semi-final on Tuesday, May 6.

Watch the "No Prejudice" video here: