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World Pride is ‘beyond salvaging’ despite our cash says Gaydar chief

World Pride is ‘beyond salvaging’ despite our cash says Gaydar chief

Global dating and radio company Gaydar have confirmed to Gay Star News that they tried to bail out the scaled-down World Pride event but were told it was too late.

Last week Pride London bosses, responsible for running World Pride in the British capital this year, had to pull floats out of the 7 July march and axe the street party in the gay district of Soho due to a ‘cash crisis’ which meant they didn’t have enough money for safety and security contractors.

Some reports have suggested that a meeting at City Hall may still salvage the event after extra cash was found. Others have said that meeting is just to confirm detailed arrangements for pride and nothing major can be expected.

Gaydar’s new statement to GSN indicates the latter is the case.

Trevor Martin, CEO of, said: ‘Having learned last week that the organizers of World Pride were encountering financial difficulties which would significantly impact this year’s proceedings, QSoft Consulting, parent company of, immediately made the decision to offer considerable financial support to help rescue the event.

‘Following a number of conversations with the GLA, Pride London Board members both past and present, Westminster Council and local MP Jonathan Glanz we have sadly been informed that the licensing required to stage the event cannot be reinstated at this late stage and have been forced, therefore, to conclude that the World Pride event is beyond salvaging, regardless of cash investment.

‘I sincerely hope this situation can be avoided in future and that London can enjoy the pride event it deserves in 2013 and beyond.’

It again raises the question of whether the street party and parade could have been rescued if Pride London had notified potential backers in enough time that they were facing financial difficulties and needed more funds.

Pride insiders have also denied reports that the organization’s chair, Patrick Williams, has resigned. The whole board has faced calls to step down immediately.

Earlier today, Gay Star News reported that Pride London was suggesting people could use shopping trolleys in the parade after floats, cars and buses were taken out of the scaled-down event.