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The world’s 4 coolest underwater hotels

The world’s 4 coolest underwater hotels

Breakfast in bed should always be enjoyed hundreds of feet under the ocean surface.

Enough of penthouse suites and lobby check-ins – the most stylish accommodations these days are found under the sea.

Sleeping with fish might have sounded crazy in the past, but the technology needed to build these underwater hotels is not only safe, but quickly becoming popular.

We take a look at some of the world’s most amazing underwater hotels, visions of the future that you can book and enjoy today.

GSN recognizes some of the following countries have poor LGBTI rights records. While we don’t encourage gay travelers to visit countries where their safety may be endangered, we acknowledge that LGBTI people live in and travel to countries with anti-gay cultures and laws every day. We also recognize that every country has its positive aspects and unique experiences to offer to travelers, whatever their sexual orientation. We always encourage our readers to do their research and travel safely, wherever they go.

Lovers Deep, the romantic submarine

Whether or not you’ve joined the Mile High Club, you’ll want to get into the Mile Low Club. Lovers Deep – a luxurious leisure submarine – will allow couples to enjoy glass-fronted views of  coral and sea life as they float through the ocean. Lovers Deep was launched this Valentine’s Day to give lovers (or friends) an unforgettable experience without sacrificing service. The vessel, typically moored in the Caribbean, comes with its own captain, butler and chef. Guests have the possibility to choose their itinerary with a personal concierge beforehand.

How much, you ask? Only £175,000 ($292,200 and €212,550) per night. A little pricey, but then again, how often do people get the chance to stay in submarines? For the amount of money you pay, you get to choose which island the submarine will be moored next to, and you also get to custom design the interior.

As amazing as this sounds, Lovers Deep isn’t the first – or the only – ‘hotel to offer underwater views from the bedrooms. For more information, visit the Oliver’s Travel webpage.

The Manta Resort on Pemba Island, Zanzibar

This underwater hotel is located 4 metres (13 feet) beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, along the blissful Pemba Island.

Basically a floating deck equipped with a submerged room, the entire structure has two floors above sea level, and one underwater chamber where guests can observe reef fish swim past during the day. At night, after the underwater spotlights are turned on, you’ll see the ocean’s most reserved creatures come out and swim past. A cushioned top deck and lower water deck are perfect for sunning or relaxing.

Sleeping with these fishes costs £900 ($1,500 and €1,100) per night for two people, or £540 ($900 and €660) per night for one person. For more information, check out the Manta Resort webpage.

Poseidon Undersea Resort on Katafinga Island, Fiji

Fiji is known for its crystal waters teeming with tropical marine life. Nearly every type of marine life from whales to dolphins are known to roam the waters, and staying at the Poseidon resort, they are at your fingertips.

This 40 ft-deep Five Star resort has 24 underwater rooms rooms, an underwater restaurant and bar, a conference room, a wedding chapel, a library and a spa. For the potentially claustrophobic, Poseidon resort offers rooms that are both above ground and below the surface.

All 24 undersea suites plunge their guests into a truly immersive underwater experience, as 70% of each room’s surface area is transparent. Every room comes with its own private coral garden, underwater lights, and (believe it or not) push-button fish feeders.

For this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll have to spend £18,000 ($30,000 and €21,800) per week per couple. To know more, go to the Poseidon Resort homepage.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

This 1,539-room hotel is built on Dubai’s artificial island, The Palm. To take the plunge, you’ll have to ask for the Poseidon and Neptune suites, they are the only rooms inside this $1.8 billion (€1.3 billion) structure that are underwater.

The underwater suites, from both the bedroom and bathroom windows, look into a lagoon filled with the ancient ruins of a mythical city and its 65,000 marine inhabitants. This means you can either lie in bed and watch giant manta rays slowly float by, or admire sharks while chilling in the bath.

This romantic getaway will cost you £5,800 per night ($9,700 and €7,000). For more information, visit Atlantis The Palm webpage.