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World's first pregnant man wants a fourth child

Recently divorced Thomas Beatie is in love again, plans to have more kids

World's first pregnant man wants a fourth child

Thomas Beatie had a full sex-change operation earlier this year but kept his womb just in case he wanted to give birth to more children.

Beatie, who gained notoriety in 2007 because he was legally a man when he gave birth to his first child that year and two more since, has split from his wife and now wants to have a family with his new girlfriend, Amber Nicholas.

‘Amber and I are totally smitten. We would love kids ­together and we’re already discussing it,’ he tells The Mirror. ‘Being pregnant was the most ­incredible experience, but we want Amber to do it this time around. I think it would be amazing to experience ­pregnancy as the father.’

Beatie split from Nancy, his wife of nine years, earlier this year. When the couple got married, Nancy already had two children and was unable to have more. Even though Beatie had legally become a man, he was still physically able to carry children.

He may be with a new woman, but Beatie said they would use the same sperm donor for any future children he or Amber may have.

‘It’s just about which one of us would be more successful at ­having a baby,’ he says. ‘It’s even ­possible we could both be pregnant at the same time. Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and ­whoever gets there first goes through with it.’

‘My surgeon has advised against me getting pregnant because it would be a lot ­harder now I’m ­biologically a man,’ he adds. ‘I would have to have a ­caesarian, but I’d willingly do it to have ­another bundle of joy.’

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