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World’s largest gay dating app is now helping couples have kids

World’s largest gay dating app is now helping couples have kids

BluedBaby is offering surrogacy services (Photo: Weibo)

The world’s largest gay dating app, Blued, has launched a surrogacy service.

According to its website, BluedBaby connects Chinese couples with surrogates in the US, Canada and Russia.

Bloomberg reports the first baby born through Blued’s service will be born next month.

Blued CEO, Geng Le, was inspired by his own experiences of finding a surrogate in California, according to Bloomberg.

As surrogacy is illegal in China, the process is long and costly. Geng told Bloomberg the process cost him US$200,000.

BluedBaby, with an office in China’s capital Beijing, walks clients through choosing an egg donor, finding a surrogate, signing contracts, and navigating paperwork and cultural differences.

‘We want to showcase a Chinese company diligently serving the LGBT community,’ Geng told Bloomberg.

‘Showing that we do things with value, with philanthropy’ Geng Le told Bloomberg.


Geng Le, whose birth name is Ma Baoli, was working as a policeman when he started up a popular gay website.

His employer discovered the site and told him he could keep his job if he shut it down.

Instead, he found investment of US$30 million and created a smartphone app.

It now claims to have 40 million users, making it the largest in the world.

Blued differs from other gay networking apps with a video broadcast feature.

Followers can reward broadcasters with cash gifts, and Blued takes a cut.

Blued is also trying to get into pharmaceuticals, according to Bloomberg. It is applying for a license to market PrEP in China.

Earlier this year, Blued stopped accepting new users for a week.

It conducted a ‘comprehensive content audit and regulation’ after newspapers reported underage users contracted HIV from dates arranged on the site.

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