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Worried about your drug and alcohol use? Here's a test that could help

Not all LGBTI people have a problem with drugs and alcohol but if you're worried that your use could be negative, then take this test

Worried about your drug and alcohol use? Here's a test that could help
One of the people in Pivot Point's video series talking about drug and alcohol use. | Photo: YouTube

For people wanting to better manage their drug and alcohol use use, Pivot Point is one-stop-shop for support and self-assessment.

The online resource has information substance use with helpful strategies on quitting or reducing use.

Pivot Point also has an online self-assessment tool to help people gauge the risks of their substance use. The website has included directories for resources and services that offer assistance to those seeking support.

LGBTI health organization, ACON has also created a series of videos to raise awareness of Pivot Point and answer some of the most commonly asked questions, support, self-care tips, personal stories and more.

Drugs, alcohol and LGBTI

Substance use in LGBTI communities is different to the general population, particularly in relation to drug type and consumption.

Therefore it is necessary to create tailored approaches to minimise the risk of harm.

‘Helping our communities identify early signs of problems where they may need assistance with their alcohol and drug use requires sensitive messaging,’ said ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill.

‘While we know that most people in LGBTIQ communities who use drugs and/or alcohol do so in a non-problematic way, some experience substantial harms related to their use.’

Parkhill said LGBTI are often reluctant to seek support in relation to their substance use because they are worried about discrimination.

‘We hope that a more specialised resource for LGBTIQ people, with support from experts in the alcohol and drug sector, will be able to reach more people via a peer-led approach – an approach we know our communities find accessible.’

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