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Writer disagrees 'wholeheartedly' with Florida publisher who slammed Adam Lambert and GLAAD

South Florida Gay News staff at odds after featuring Lambert

Writer disagrees 'wholeheartedly' with Florida publisher who slammed Adam Lambert and GLAAD

A public war of words has emerged among the staff at the South Florida Gay News after it featured an interview with Adam Lambert that was so popular it crashed the paper’s website.

Publisher Norm Kent wrote in a column this week that the story was done while he was on leave and seeing it ‘made my partner and me puke.’

Kent on to disparage Lambert and GLAAD for planning to honor him next month. He also concluded that readers must be ‘shallow’ because the interview – which broke the news that Lambert was single again – went viral.

The man who did the interview, associate publisher Jason Parsley, responded to Kent’s rant with a column of his own defending the choice of Lambert as interview subject and GLAAD award recipient.

‘Kent attempted to make the case that Lambert hasn’t done anything for the gay community in his short few years on the public stage. But what my publisher obviously failed to realize is just how much Adam Lambert has been doing for the gay community,’ Parsley writes.

‘He’s the first mainstream pop artist to come out at the beginning of their career,’ he adds. ‘Look how long it took celebrities like Elton John or George Michael to come out?’

Parsley also believes Lambert will be a worthy recipient of GLAAD’s Davidson/Valentini Award at its San Francisco ceremony on 11 May.

‘It’s important for celebrities to be out and proud and GLAAD recognizes that, and that’s why it gives awards to celebrities,’ he writes.

‘Now I won’t apologize for my publisher’s opinion, as some suggested I do, because he has a right to express it, just as I have a right to disagree with it – wholeheartedly.’

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