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Writing competition bans LGBTQ stories, gets exactly the response it deserves

Writing competition bans LGBTQ stories, gets exactly the response it deserves

A writing competition launched by a Christian woman has provoked hilarity online.

The short story contest was launched by Deborah Owen, the founder of the Creative Writing Institute.

She also describes herself as a ‘proud Christian’.

Posting the contest on Twitter, Owen offered inspiring writers the opportunity to enter the ‘Flash Fiction’ contest.

The winner receives $100 or a $200 discount towards any Creative Writing Institute course valued at $295.

The rules state: ‘No swearing, profanity, explicit sexual scenes, graphic violence, LGBTQ.’

Many also criticized Owen online.

Crime writer Sarah Hillary said: ‘So LGBTQ is the same as profanity and violence? You should be ashamed of yourselves.’

One Twitter user said: ‘Just wondering if I can submit a piece on how heartbreaking homophobia is in 2018?’

Another said: ‘Dear Deborah, really good writers embrace all humanity, really good writers broaden horizons, open minds, reflect the full rainbow of the world. Really good humans do the same.’

Homophobic writing competition flooded with hilarious responses

Owen’s contest is also now being flooded with queer-themed erotica.

One entry reads:

‘Beatrice stumbled gayly out of bed. “What a time to be alive and also bisexual!” she thought.

‘She smiled as she looked for her pink, blue, and purple bisexual pride flag slippers, and wondered if her lesbian girlfriend, Sue, had lesbianly taken out the garbage last night.’

Some also criticized Owen because the example given of a ‘winning’ entry was sexist.

The paragraph offered read: ‘He had never seen such blue eyes.

‘Azure blue. No, ocean blue. Duck-egg blue? Whatever, they were paralyzing.

‘Alex stood a head taller than Lilly’s five feet, two inches, and ogled as the curvaceous blonde wiggled her way down the sidewalk.’

And others noted the logo for the Flash Fiction contest was taken from Flash Gordon, a film with music by the bisexual late singer Freddie Mercury.

No doubt there will be a lot more LGBTI entries now.

‘”No queers read the sign,’ one other entry reads. “So he lit a match and burned that shit to the ground.’

Gay Star News has contacted Owen and also the Creative Writing Institute and is awaiting a response.

Update 10 October 12:20 pm PST: Owen responded to GSN and denied being homophobic or discriminating.

She said: ‘We are a G-rated school. One swear word can eliminate an entry. It’s our contest. We are paying the prize money. We are doing the advertising. We are judging the stories. It is a TON of work, and we have the right to make our own rules. That’s what it comes down to. Our rights.

This is an international contest and EVERYONE is welcome to enter. I am just giving hints on how to submit a winning entry.’

She also added a message specifically to the LGBTI community.

‘If you had approached me intelligently and kindly and without name-calling, bullying, and threats, if you had not targeted me and my school with shameful, lying tactics, we could have worked toward a wiser solution, but you have tried to take over my school, disrupt my live interview, and blemish our fine name. Your freedom stops where ours begin.’

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