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WWII hero slams Olympic medallist for anti-LGBTI opinion

WWII hero slams Olympic medallist for anti-LGBTI opinion

Sofia klepacka standing on steps outside a building holding up a medal

A Polish war hero has slammed an Olympic medallist for using a World War II battle to justify her anti-LGBTI stance.

Wanda Traczyk-Stawska fought in the Warsaw Uprising during WWII. The Warsaw Uprising was a defining battle in Poland’s fight against the Germans during the war.

Traczyk-Stawska recently spoke out against comments made by Olympic medal winner, Sofia Klepacka.

The bronze medallist for wind surfing had a criticism of Warsaw’s mayor, Rafał Trzaskowski, on Facebook. Last month, he signed the country’s first declaration enshrining the rights of LGBTI people.

‘I say categorically NO for the promotion of LGBT people and I will defend traditional Poland. Did my grandfather fight for such things in the Warsaw Uprising? I do not think so,’ Klepacka wrote on Facebook.

A few days later she compared LGBTI people to pedophiles.

But Traczyk-Stawska was having none of it and warned Klepacka to keep the Warsaw Uprising out of it.

‘We in the uprising fought above all for regaining independence of our homeland, but also for what was most important to us,’ she told Wyborcza. 

‘That we should be treated not as subhuman, but that each of us should be respected. For our human dignity.

‘The foundation of dignity is freedom. That nobody is allowed to be disregarded because he has a different skin color, different views or sexual orientation. If it does not hurt anyone, they have the right to be so.’

Following the controversy over Klepacka’s comments, soccer fans unfurled a banner at major league match in her support.

a banner in polish at a soccer game
The banner supporting Zofia Klepacka | Photo: Facebook/Zofia Klepacka

‘Zoska we are with you,’ the banner read.

That banner was unfurled at the same game where a homophobic banner reading ‘keep Warsaw free from faggots’ was also unfurled.