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X Factor Malta host makes passionate plea against LGBTI conversion therapy

X Factor Malta host makes passionate plea against LGBTI conversion therapy

X Factor Malta host Ben Camille

X Factor Malta host Ben Camille just made a passionate plea against LGBTI conversion therapy.

Taking to social media last night (3 March), Camille uploaded a series of videos to his Instagram story.

‘Without making this personal,’ he started. ‘I feel it’s a responsibility of mine to give my opinion on this.’

He then said: ‘I cant believe we’re in 2019 and we’re talking about being gay as if it’s some kind of illness.’


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Camille revealed someone sent him a message about conversion therapy that ‘worried’ him.

He continued: ‘If you are a boy or a girl and you feel you have not yet come to terms with your own sexuality, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

‘I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay,’ he said.

Camille argued people often talk about giving the option for LGBTI people to change their sexuality if they want to. But no one ever talks about the fact that there is no need to change.

He then added: ‘If you’re gay, embrace it. If you are gay, thank your lucky stars. As if you are straight, as if you are bisexual. Thank your lucky stars that you have identified your sexuality. That you know what it is, because that means you can find love.’

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Camille identifies as straight, but says he’s a strong ally to the LGBTI community.

He became a father to baby Elle in December last year.

Conversion therapy in Malta

In 2016, Malta became the first country in the European Union to ban LGBTI conversion therapy.

The current conversation surrounding the practise came about after a contestant on X Factor Malta claimed to be ex-gay.

Matthew Grech said he left behind a homosexual lifestyle and became a Christian.

During a pre-audition interview, Grech claimed same-sex marriage is a sin. He also told intimate details of his conversion therapy story.

After the segment aired, critics took to social media to complain. Mounting complaints also reportedly caused the interview to be removed from social media channels.

Maltese Equality Minister, Helena Dalli said: ‘That interview should never have been aired in the first place,’ reports Lovin Malta.

She then continued: ‘It did untold damage to our efforts to change social attitudes towards minorities, including LGBTQ youths. Gay youths don’t need forgiveness or healing, they need understanding.’

The first and only series of X Factor Malta began at the end of last year and finished up 29 January. Michela Pace won the competition.

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