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X Factor star Sam Bailey: ‘Everyone thought I was a lesbian’

X Factor star Sam Bailey: ‘Everyone thought I was a lesbian’

The reason why people love Sam Bailey is because she’s normal.

The 36-year-old reigning X Factor UK champ may not be your average pop star, but she’s got a voice that can slay all the teenage pretenders to her crown.

Gay Star News had a chance to speak to the British singer at Supersonic, a fundraising event for Manchester Pride.

She reveals to us how everyone thought she was a lesbian years ago because she used to ‘dress in tracksuits all the time’.

We also talk to her about getting pregnant after performing in gay bars, the idea of growing willies and the perils of having short hair.

You have had an amazing few months. How do you sum up your last year?

‘Life changing, pretty much. I’m still trying to be normal and do normal stuff.

‘I’m not going to be jetting off on a flipping first class trip somewhere. I like to do pretty normal things, like shop at Asda and going bowling and stuff. I get mobbed when I’m there, but that’s part and parcel of the job really.’

How are you finding being mobbed by fans?

‘I don’t mind it so much really. The only time it really affects me is when I’m walking with the kids and we are on a busy street or something and I’m holding their hands and people forget that I’m holding their hands. The kids just stand to one side and wait patiently and it’s really bizarre, they act as if they have been trained by somebody.’

This isn’t your first gay gig, I was at G-A-Y on New Year’s Eve when you performed and that’s the night you got pregnant.

‘Apparently so. Well, he [pointing to Craig Pearson, her husband] reckons it was then. But then he thinks it could be Michael Bolton’s.’

‘We have already got names if it’s a boy or a girl. And we are not telling anyone what they are.’

‘If it’s a boy someone said to me the other day “Do you realize that you could have a willy growing inside you?’’ And oh my god, I never thought of it like that, which is really gross.

‘As soon as I find out, I’m going to let everyone know. I’m not going to sell the story or anything like that. But I’m dying to buy something that’s not white for my child. I want to buy something that is blue or pink.’

[Bailey revealed this week she would be having a girl]

Say if your child turned out to be gay, would you have a problem?

‘Not one problem at all. I’d ask to meet the boyfriend, or girlfriend.’

A quick message to you massive gay following.

‘Keep believing in yourself and coming out. No point of hiding it, be proud of who you are.

‘I’m not gay, but if I was I would be bloody proud of it.

‘Everyone thought I was a lesbian years ago because I used to dress in tracksuits all the time.’

Did you used to get confused as a lesbian being a prison warden?

‘No, because I was married then. But when I was at school I was pretty much a tom boy and had short hair. I remember walking past a wall and there were some girls on a doorstep of this house and my hair was in curtains and they wolf whistled me and everything.

‘When the wall stopped, they could see I had a skirt on and they were shocked and they all went “It’s a girl.”

‘I’ll never forget that, it’s the first time I thought, “Shit I do look like a boy, don’t I? I must grow my hair.”’

Did you play up to it and flirt with girls?

‘What try and get into a lesbian relationship? No. Craig loves the gays, he flirts. He loves it, he’s put on his aftershave especially for tonight, he’s got Creed on. Go over and smell him, he’ll love it.’