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Xbox launches Pride-themed skins for consoles and controllers

Xbox launches Pride-themed skins for consoles and controllers

Xbox launched new skins in honor of Pride month | Photo: Xbox/Twitter

Microsoft, the makers of Xbox, have released a collection of Pride-themed skins for their gaming systems.

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The collection includes skins for controllers as well as consoles, featuring the rainbow Pride flag, the trans Pride flag, and creative variations of them. The collection also includes a couple LGBTI-themed t-shirts for gamers.

Twitter reactions

When Xbox Tweeted about the collection on 31 May, many non-LGBTI gamers were offended, wondering where their ‘Straight Pride’ collection was.

Threatening to switch to PS4

Some were so enraged that they threatened to become a Playstation user. However, some Twitter users pointed out that Playstation is also LGBTI-friendly.

On the positive side

Some LGBTI gamers, however, were excited and inspired by Xbox’s new collection.

Microsoft’s history of inclusivity

Other gamers pointed out Microsoft’s history of non-discrimination policies that have been in place since the 1980s.

The corporate side of Pride

Some saw the campaign as a cheap publicity stunt, though.

This idea of corporations acting LGBTI-friendly only during the month of June is something many LGBTI activists have concerns about. Actor Indya Moore, for instance, took to Twitter to discuss how this rainbow-washing, so to speak, doesn’t necessarily benefit LGBTI people.

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