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You can now call a police horse ‘gay’, UK rules

You can now call a police horse ‘gay’, UK rules

You can now call a police horse ‘gay’ in the UK, after the House of Lords ruled to amend a law allowing police to arrest any person who used insults.

Six years ago, Sam Brown asked a police officer: ‘Excuse me, do you realize your horse is gay?’

The Oxford student was arrested for making homophobic remarks, but Brown refused to pay the £80 ($130, €95) fine and the prosecution dropped the case.

The following year,16-year-old Kyle Little from Newcastle was charged under the same Public Order Law. He said ‘woof’ to a dog in front of police officers and was fined £50 with £150 costs ($320, €240).

Both were charged under Section 5 of Britain’s Public Order Act, which stated a person could be found guilty if they used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior.

This week, it was announced the House of Lords voted overwhelmingly by 150 to 54 in favor of the amendment.

Simon Calvert, Reform Section 5 campaign director, said it was a ‘victory for free speech.’

‘People of all shades of opinion have suffered at the hands of Section 5,’ he said.

‘By accepting the Lords amendment to reform it the Government has managed to please the widest possible cross-section of society. They have done the right thing and we congratulate them.’