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You could spend 4 amazing nights touring Iceland! Here’s how

You could spend 4 amazing nights touring Iceland! Here’s how

You know you’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. Now’s your chance.

Icelandair Hotels is offering a trip to Iceland for two with flights, accommodation and exciting tours.

Meet the nation’s iconic horses and pour yourself into a famed geothermal spa (or test your resolve with a dip in the frigid neighboring lake) by filling out four lines of your information on the Icelandair Hotels sweepstakes page.

Icelandair Hotels approach to accommodation is as unique as Iceland’s terrain.

The lucky winner will get a four night deluxe accommodation at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, centrally located to make the most out of Reykjavik’s vintage shopping, local artisans and delicious eateries.

Natura’s soft emerald green lobby welcomes guests in to sit on comfy leather couches and peruse coffee table books of photography and literature from around the island.

The rooms blend comfort and Icelandic design, enveloping guests in luxury and a warm, minimalist décor. Speaking from personal experience, Icelandair hotel beds are some of the most comfortable in the US and Europe, and the locally sourced toiletries will change your life.

Along with a Northern Lights tour, the lucky winners will also enjoy a visit to the sumptuous Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Spa. Part spa, part sauna, part adventure experience, Fontana features various wading pools and steam rooms with different temperatures.

While the Fontana experience is meant for relaxation, feel free to make your heart race by jumping from the warm pools into the much colder neighboring lake. Shocking yes, but good for your circulation (and possibly a home video).

Rounding up the weekend’s activities is a tour of Fákasel, the Icelandic Horse Park. Though they’re small, don’t call them ponies! The Icelandic horse’s stout legs and rougher pelts are perfectly suited for navigating Iceland’s rugged terrain. Sturdy and unbelievably adorable, the horses at Fákasel are a quintessential way to get to the heart of Iceland, as we’re sure the country and locals will melt your heart on the coolest holiday around.