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You did it: Chechnya Crisis Appeal raises over $12k to fight LGBTI purge

You did it: Chechnya Crisis Appeal raises over $12k to fight LGBTI purge

Chechnya protest outside of Russian Embassy in London

The Gay Star News crisis appeal for Chechnya has achieved over $12,000.

In Russian money, that is over 800,000 rubles.

This fundraising will go directly to the Russian LGBT Network so they can help people be free from the ‘purge’ in Chechnya.

The campaign will officially end on 10 April.

Purge in Chechnya

Donate: Our Chechnya Crisis Appeal is raising funds to support the Russian LGBT Network help evacuate LGBTI people

LGBTI people are being rounded up, detained, tortured and executed in Chechnya. The ‘gay purge’ has been happening periodically since the end of 2016.

What we know is that Chechen authorities have targeted human rights defenders, their critics and LGBTI people. Since 2016 hundreds of people have been detained, with many of those executed. The authorities even tortured several LGBTI detainees to death.

Even though when international attention has focused on Chechnya after each ‘gay purge’, the persecution stops for awhile, but it picks up again once that attention wanes.

Thank you

Tris Reid-Smith, editor and co-founder of Gay Star News, would like to thank readers.

‘Your generosity from the start of this emergency appeal has been completely overwhelming,’ he said.

‘I would like to thank everyone who has contributed either their money or their social reach to this campaign.

‘Thanks to you, far more people now know about what’s happening in Chechnya.

‘And thanks to you, our friends in Russia will be able to save LGBTI lives.

‘Although we’ve exceeded two targets now, we’re continuing to take donations until the end of our fundraiser.

‘Every euro, dollar or pound donated will go to saving LGBTI Chechens from imprisonment, torture and murder.’

It has to stop

Mikhail Tumasov, Chairperson of the Russian LGBT Network, said: ‘I thank the Gay Star News team and all who contributed to LGBTI people in Chechnya.

‘We beat the goal in a week. It shows how human and powerful we are!

‘Stick together and one day we’ll wake up in the world where there is no place for hate, discrimination and violence.’

The Russian LGBTI Network has been the key organization in getting LGBTI Chechens to safety. They have organized new IDs for them, rushed them to safe houses where they provide them with bedding, clothing, food and in some cases, emergency medical care.

From there they are also trying to evacuate them to a new country where they can seek asylum and hopefully lead new lives in safety.

Help us make a difference

As well as using our investigative journalism to keep you informed about what’s happening on-the-ground as it happens; we’re inviting you to make a difference today by donating to the Chechyna Crisis Appeal.

Every dollar, euro and pound you give will help evacuate LGBTI people in the most danger. And to pressure the Chechen authorities to stop this persecution. 

Please also share our appeal with your followers, friends and family; ensuring we raise awareness and apply pressure to permanently end this abuse.

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