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You have to hear Bianca Del Rio’s read of Conchita Wurst

You have to hear Bianca Del Rio’s read of Conchita Wurst

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio is known for her reads, and now Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst is in her rolodex of hate.

The season six star and insult comic was on Joan Rivers’ online show when she was asked about the Austrian drag queen.

‘You’ve all seen Conchita, very feminine, very pretty, and with a beard!’ Rivers said.

‘I found him slash her…repellent…and others go insane for her! What do you think of Conchita?’

And Del Rio didn’t hold back, saying: ‘Well, if I didn’t shave then that would totally cut back on the time of me the time of getting ready.

‘To me drag is drag, it’s not so much to look like a woman but to be an extended version of a woman.

‘But when you’re standing there looking like Jesus Christ, I think….maybe. People are probably thinking you’re their lord and savior.

‘Not my cup of tea, but once again if somebody like it, then God bless ‘em.

‘I mean, I couldn’t do it! I’m nervous now – do I have any beard? I have to shave about an hour before, and that’s just my balls.’

Watch the moment below (starts at 9.00):