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You have to see this gay rights Gandalf design drawn by Sir Ian McKellen

You have to see this gay rights Gandalf design drawn by Sir Ian McKellen

You have a chance to win an amazing art piece drawn by acting legend Sir Ian McKellen.

Every year, Gay Star News pairs with a celebrity to design something for our cotton tote bags given out to thousands of people at four of the biggest UK Prides.

And this year, McKellen himself has illustrated his famous character Gandalf.

The quote reads: ‘You shall not pass…anti-gay laws!’

The original piece, the only one in existence, is being donated to raise money for Stonewall. The highest bidder will be announced at the annual Stonewall Equality Dinner, which will go to ensuring LGBTI people can live safely, honestly and openly in Britain and across the world.

While there’s only one original that can be won, people eager to get their hands on the design can come grab a bag handed out by Gay Star News at Prides in Birmingham (23 May), London (27 June), Brighton (1 August) and Manchester (29 August).

Scott Nunn, co-director of GSN who was present when McKellen drew the artwork, said: ‘It was a honor to watch Sir Ian create this piece of artwork for us to donate to Stonewall.

‘I can’t wait to share the final illustration for our UK Pride tote bags. But I hope this will raise a lot of money for Stonewall and bring attention to the countries that still have laws against LGBTI people.’

Bids start from £200 ($303, €277) and you have until 27 March to make an offer in the silent auction. You can bid for the artwork even if you don’t live in the UK.

Click here to bid.

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