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You will never believe who now supports gay marriage in the UK

You will never believe who now supports gay marriage in the UK

Same-sex marriage is now a reality in England and Wales, and it appears the first legal unions a little less than a month ago has drastically changed people’s views.

A majority of Conservative and UKIP supporters, traditionally known as the ‘homophobic’ parties, are now in favor of same-sex marriage.

A study found 61% of Tories and 54% of UKIP supporters said they would agree same-sex couples deserve to have legal unions.

While many senior Conservative politicians support same-sex marriage, a majority of them – 128 MPs – voted against the legislation in the marriage bill’s second reading.

UKIP, who does not have any members of parliament in the House of Commons, supports civil partnerships but not same-sex marriage.

Ipsos MORI, the pollers, said it was ‘very unusual’ to see such a large swing in public opinion on a social issue.

Support for gay marriage is the strongest among Labour and Liberal Democrat voters, with around three quarters in favor.

Overall 69% of Britons believe homosexual couples should be able to marry while just 28% disagrees.

Back in 1975, only 40% said gay couples should be able to live together openly.

Simon Atkinson, assistant chief executive of Ipsos MORI, said: ‘It is very unusual, even over a period of 40 years, to see such a sea change in public attitudes.

‘People in Britain are clearly behind the recent legislation on gay marriage – a rare example of Parliament and public opinion being very much in tune with each other.’

A Coalition for Equal Marriage spokesman said: ‘Oh look. The process of forgetting what all the fuss was about RE: same-sex marriage has begun.’