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Young Brits say they aren’t 100% straight or gay, bigots go into meltdown

Young Brits say they aren’t 100% straight or gay, bigots go into meltdown

Lady Gaga on Cheek to Cheek tour, 2015.

Don’t believe bisexuals face particular prejudice? These hate-filled rants from straight – and, shockingly, even some gay people – will convince you.

When a new survey by UK pollsters at YouGov suggested 43% of young people didn’t see themselves as entirely gay or straight, it sent haters into meltdown across the internet.

Here’s a selection of the worst comments about that survey from mainstream news and information sites, edited only for clarity and length.

End of the British Empire

‘Sad commentary on a country whose youth can’t figure out what that thing between their legs is for. What has happened to the UK? A short 60 to 70 years ago, the sun never set on the British Empire. Now their men are mounting each other. I have no idea what women are doing to one another.’

‘These youth are less concerned with conquering the world than conquering their best friend’s arse.’

‘No wonder the UK is no longer a world power.’

Bisexuals are confused

‘They are muddled, as well as skill less, self-entitled and permanent victims.’

‘If you ask the same teenager this question three times in a week you’ll probably get a different answer each time. It’s the age of finding out who you are. Between 14 and 19 I went from straight to 50 shades of bisexual to full-on gay.’

‘Half of those “young people” don’t even live in reality, just delusional fantasy.’

We’ve been poisoned

‘If one in two young people are not completely heterosexual then there’s something in the drinking water affecting them.’

It’s political correctness

‘If these kids don’t say they are at least a bit bi then they will be called bigots.’

‘Bisexuals are just afraid to identify as straight because of PC gone mad.’

‘Ask 18 to 24-year-olds almost any question and you will find them confused. All this poll really shows is that the fear of being different has shifted ground. 18 to 24-year olds are more afraid of being un-PC than of just about anything else.’

End of the white race

‘And the utter destruction of the white race and English continues at a rapid rate: lower the already lower than replacement level birthrates even further by convincing young white kids that they are not “fully straight”. We are doomed.’

‘A dying island being replaced by foreigners… There is no England anymore.’

Bisexuality is a mental illness

‘Homosexuality is basically a biological wiring defect. This is by no means meant to be insulting or derogatory, just a fact.’

‘Homosexuality is a mental illness which should be treated by psychiatrists. Politicians and political activists should stop trying to make people view homosexuality as a normal, socially acceptable and desirable, “fashionable” thing.’

‘Don’t worry. One day there will be a cure.’

Putin is right

‘Homosexuality is a learned trait and the UK has been ensuring their youth are studying it very hard.’

‘This entire gay agenda has to do with pedophilia, or hasn’t the UK caught on? So much propaganda you lost sight of truth.’

‘More pro-LGBT agenda mis-reporting numbers to further their cause. “Look kids! Everyone’s doing it! It’s cool now!”’

‘The propaganda is working then. Now I see Putin’s point of view.’

Bisexuality does not exist

‘And you can be just a little bit pregnant or almost a virgin as well.’

‘Bisexuals should choose gay or straight. Can’t love both.’

‘Male or female… either or… just too difficult a decision for today’s millennials.’

Straight but too scared to say

‘Anybody that expresses a view that is deemed anti-gay, anti-feminism, anti-immigrant etc gets hounded by the political correct brigade and left-wing bullies.’

‘Heterosexuality is being attacked by perverts. If you are a heterosexual, you will increasingly be described as weird, perverted, strange, liar, bigot, etc.’


‘With the men mounting the men and women carpet munching, you are genetic dead ends. This will be a cake walk for the Muslims.’

‘When the Muslims have a critical mass of population and political power, the European caliphate will be quick and bloody. Enjoy playing in your boyfriends’ feces while you can.’

‘You would capitulate to ISIS while they are butt-fucking you like they do their goats.’

Religiously inspired

‘Homosexuality is the fastest growing religion in the world. Many are turning to homosexuality after failing to find a hetero mate.’

‘[Referring to Sodom and Gomorrah] I’m waiting for the fornicating angels to arrive. When do you expect them?’

‘Gross sexual immorality seen as norm? Read your Bible. This is the very hallmark of a degraded society: the elevation of sexual bondage.’

Bestiality and pedophilia

‘I’m surprised they didn’t ask folks how they felt about bestiality, because that’s next on the slippery slope. Not judging here, just analyzing the obvious.’

‘Perverts are running governments and making sodomic laws, forcing it down the throats of innocent kids as young as kindergaten level! What next? Bestiality and incest, even pedophilia will need their own “right” of their sexual preferences.’

End of civilization

‘Every great civilization descends, it is not the result of homosexuality, homosexuality is simply a symptom. A symptom of people living within a system that provides too much comfort.’

Survey is a lie

‘That is fraudulent and dishonest. The faggots must be desperate.’

‘1% has been the long accepted figure for gays/bi. Gay activists have a long sorry history of telling porkies.’

The latest fashion

‘How very sad. They have been brainwashed by our decaying society into thinking this is how to be trendy. I doubt half of all Muslim children think they are gay. In fact, I think the numbers still hover at 6% as they do for people in general.’

‘It’s trendy to consider yourself bisexual so the survey isn’t really a great surprise.’

Homophobia and biphobia

‘This survey is gayer than the results.’

‘The icing on the cake was when a so-called Conservative government campaigned for, and implemented, the so-called “gay marriage”.’

‘Maybe healthy-minded people are now a small minority in Western civilization. I think your homosexual ilk is too loud.’

‘It’s such a small percentage but so much time and energy is wasted on it.’

‘There’s more of us than there is of you, fudge boy. You homosexuals will never learn.’

Thanks to Sam Rankin at the Equality Network for her help in sourcing these comments. Read a response to the survey by a bisexual journalist here.