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Your next Gaydar IM: You’ve got the clap

Your next Gaydar IM: You’ve got the clap

Gay dating websites have launched a new messaging service to ease the pain of telling ex-lovers you have a sexually transmitted disease.

The confidential Sexual Health Messaging Service allows people who have been diagnosed with an STI to let their recent sexual partners know, via text, email or message to a gay dating site, so that they can get tested and, if necessary, treated.

The service, which was developed by gay men's health charity GMFA, is currently available on Gaydar, Fitlads, Manhunt and Recon.

'If you’ve ever been diagnosed with an STI you probably will have been encouraged to get in contact with as many shags from the last few months as possible,' said GMFA spokesman Matthew Hodson.

'This can be really hard for some people, and no-one likes to ring their buddies, lovers or one-night stands to let them know they may have an STI.

'Our partner notification service is designed to make the task that much easier.'

Men diagnosed at a participating clinic will be given a code, which can be used to access the website and search for your partner's contact information, including phone number, email or profile name.

The person will then be automatically sent a message, alerting them to the fact that they should get themselves checked out.

Over 30,000 Gaydar members in the UK have so far signed up for the scheme, which is funded by a grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

It followed research by the global dating website which found 99% of members wanted to be notified if somebody they had had sex with had been recently diagnosed with an STI.

A Gaydar spokesman said: 'Although we know the reality of actually tracking down past partners or having the courage to tell a partner can be uncomfortable, meaning it doesn’t always happen, this new service helps removes those barriers and will hopefully limit STI diagnosis in our community.'