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YouTuber Alfie Deyes dragged for this pic of him appearing to pose on Brighton AIDS memorial

YouTuber Alfie Deyes dragged for this pic of him appearing to pose on Brighton AIDS memorial

Alfie Deyes selfie

YouTuber  has been criticized for sharing a photo of himself appearing to sit on an a monument to AIDS victims in Brighton.

The social media star shared the picture while in the seaside city for Pride over the weekend.

Zoella‘s boyfriend shared the image along with the caption ”#LOVEISLOVE’.


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‘It’s not a perch’

Taking to Twitter to call out the star, one user said: ‘So for anyone not local to brighton.

‘unless i’m mistaken, that’s the fucking Aids memorial statue. that’s where we gathered as a community after pulse to mourn the lost, where we meet every year for world aids day.’

They furthermore added: It’s not a perch, it’s where we leave candles and messages.’

Gay Star News has approached a representative for Alfie, who lives in Brighton, for comment.

The bronze AIDS Memorial Statue was unveiled in 2009 in New Steine Gardens. It has a plaque on the front which clear reads: ‘Brighton and Hove AIDS Memorial.’

‘I find it funny when gay men spit’

Last year, Alfie’s girlfriend Zoella was criticized when past homophobic tweets of hers resurfaced.

She said in 2010: ‘I find it funny when gay men spit… it’s like they’re trying to be a bit macho but never works.’

She also replied to a tweet in 2011 to fellow beauty vlogger Tanya Burr. She wrote: ‘Are they honestly letting a tranny in a policeman hat speak to them like that? How odd! Haha.’

Apologizing for her remarks, she furthermore added: ‘I’m only human!’

UPDATE: Alfie has since taken to Twitter to apologize for the photo gaffe – while also hitting back at negative comments he has been receiving.

Writes Alfie: ”Just seen a tweet saying that in the picture I tweeted of myself celebrating Brighton Pride, I was sitting on the edge of an Aids Memorial. For sure didn’t realise that and didn’t mean to offend anyone if the picture did. I’ve deleted it! Thanks for letting me know x’

He furthermore added: ‘I’ll never understand why people always think the worst. The replies I’m getting about sitting on the memorial..I didn’t even know it was a memorial and yet people are tweeting saying I don’t care about aids.. Spend your time educating others, rather than just instantly attacking.’

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