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YouTuber Anna Akana comes out as queer onstage at the Streamy Awards

YouTuber Anna Akana comes out as queer onstage at the Streamy Awards

anna akana accepts her streamy award

YouTube star Anna Akana has come out as a queer woman in the most spectacular way.

The US born Akana is a comedian, author, filmmaker, actress and YouTuber. She is known for her premium YouTube drama, Youth & Consequences which she executive directed and starred. Her YouTube channel has 2.4 million viewers and more than 226 million video views.

The Streamy Awards recognize online video work with 2018 ceremony happening earlier this week.

Akana, 29, had just won the award for best acting in a drama for Youth & Consequences when she told the crowd about her sexuality. She urged people to vote in the 6 November midterm US elections.

‘People need us more than ever. Marginalized groups need us more than ever. I’m not only a woman of color, but I’m also a queer woman. Please get out to the polls and vote,’ Akana said.

The YouTuber took to Twitter saying ‘I guess I came out on the Streamys’.

She also revealed on Facebook that she was a bit drunk on stage. She also said it was the first time she came out as bisexual.

‘I did not expect to win Best Actor in a Drama Series cause I’ve been nominated every year but never win – so I got very inebriated and came out as bisexual for the first time ever publicly. Thanks everyone for the outpouring of love and support. Please vote on Nov 6,’ she wrote.

Akana’s YouTube channel covers a whole range of serious topics including mental health and self care. Through the success of her YouTube work, she has landed Hollywood acting gigs in Ant-Man and Kids Vs. Monsters.

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