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YouTuber Anna Akana explains her coming out to her parents and it’s hilarious

YouTuber Anna Akana explains her coming out to her parents and it’s hilarious

After coming out as queer in the most epic way, YouTuber Anna Akana discussed her sexuality with her parents in a hilarious video.

A comedian, author, filmmaker, actress, and YouTuber, Akana came out while giving a speech onstage at the Streamy Awards last month.

The US-born 29-year-old was awarded for best acting in web drama Youth & Consequences. Accepting the award, she prompted the audience and her fans to vote in midterm elections.

‘People need us more than ever. Marginalized groups need us more than ever. I’m not only a woman of color, but I’m also a queer woman. Please get out to the polls and vote,’ Akana said.

She then took to Twitter saying ‘I guess I came out on the Streamys’ and confessed she was a little drunk.

Anna Akana and her bisexuality

She has opened up on her coming out in a new video on the YouTube channel.

The actress first revealed she had never felt as owning her bisexuality. When she talked to a friend about her first girl crush, she was dismissed as ‘a straight girl trying to be interesting’.

She also said she leans more towards being attracted to men and until recently she had never been physical with a woman.

‘And then a few things happened…’

Akana said she opened up to ‘amazing queer women’ such as fellow YouTubers Ashly Perez, Stevie Boebi and Gaby Dunn.

‘They basically said “if you’re attracted to both sexes, you’re bisexual. It doesn’t matter where your percentages are, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been with a girl. If you like both, you like both,”‘ she said.

Then, she revealed she had her first sexual experience with a woman.

‘Two women,’ she paused dramatically.

‘At the same time.’

Akana talked to her parents 

After having the phrase ‘Hi, I’m bi’ engraved on her Buffer Award for Excellence in Production, Akana decided it was high time to show the award to her parents.

‘I figured it’s easier news to stomach for Asian parents if it’s engraved on an award,’ she said.

She talked to them and they proved to be the most accepting parents on the planet.

‘Do you care if I end up with a man or a woman?’ she asked them.

‘Not really, as long as they’re nice,’ said her dad.

Her mom echoed his feelings.

‘As long as you’re happy,’ she said.

‘I think that’s what all parents want for their kids. Just to be happy.’

Akana’s dad also said he wasn’t surprised when Anna came out.

‘It wasn’t shocking,’ her dad said.

‘It’s like you told me you bought a new dress.’

Watch the full video below:

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