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YouTuber James Charles is mad his fans keep turning up to his house

YouTuber James Charles is mad his fans keep turning up to his house

professional shots of james charles, one under the covergirl logo and the other of him applying mascara

YouTube star, model and makeup artist, James Charles, has warned his fans to stop turning up at his house.

The 19-year-old took to Twitter to express his disgust at strangers who track down his address and ask him for selfies or autographs.

‘(sic) please stop showing up at my house. i will not hug you, i will not take a photo with you, and i absolutely will not sign your palette. it is extremely disrespectful & makes me feel very unsafe in my own home. respect people’s privacy, it’s really not that hard,’ Charles wrote on Twitter.

Charles shot to fame as a 17-year-old when his high school senior year photo went viral. Charles chose to pose in full make-up and was soon offered a modelling contract with Covergirl cosmetics. That contract made him the first male face of CoverGirl.

The make-up artist expressed his frustration at fans who go to his house uninvited and asked they respect his privacy. He also said police took too long to respond to his calls.

‘because I’m not in danger, the cops here take HOURS to show up. had a false alarm break in a few months ago and they arrived 4 hours late. it’s an absolute joke,’ he wrote on Twitter.

James Charles and Kim Kardashian

Charles has more than two million followers on Twittter and 11 million YouTube subscribers. His makeup tutorial with reality TV star Kim Kardashian has more than 7.7 million views in just two days.

The YouTuber’s unexpected house guest sparked a debate about celebrities’ right to privacy.

Many people online supported Charles.

‘The fact that you haven’t even been in the new house for more than a couple months and people already find it and harass you is so beyond scary and annoying,’ wrote one Twitter user.

Another wrote: ‘Who the hell would go to his house?!?! Everyone had to respect his privacy. There is a time and a place and it is not when he wants to be alone or with Ian or friends so just give him space.’

But others believed it was the price of fame and he should just put up with it.

‘Your frustration is completely understandable but don’t forget who got you to where you are. It’s those same people who will keep you going or ruin you. You have them to thank for where you’re living and what you’re driving. It comes with the territory kid,’ one Twitter user wrote.

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