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YouTuber Nikita Dragun kicked out of an A-list rapper’s house for being trans

YouTuber Nikita Dragun kicked out of an A-list rapper’s house for being trans

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Famous trans YouTuber Nikita Dragun said she was kicked out of an A-List rapper’s party because she is trans.

Dragun has 1.9 million YouTube subscribers and 3.2 million followers on Instagram. She said the incident happened on Halloween in 2017.

The beauty vlogger attended the party at a mansion in Beverly Hills. But she felt immediately uncomfortable as she entered the party.

‘Instantly I was like “I need to get a drink or something”, because people are literally hounding me, looking me up and down,’ Dragun says in the video.

She explained how as a trans woman she has to be extra careful about her surrounding but refuses to ‘live in fear’.

Dragun and her friends decided to enjoy themselves so they headed outside to enjoy their drinks. But a man approached them and standing over the sitting Dragun said: ‘You’re not supposed to be here, why are you here, why the fuck are you here, you need to leave right now,’ the man allegedly said.

She admitted that no one specifically said she was getting kicked out because of her trans gender identity, but she knew that was the reason.

‘As a person who is trans, you can just feel it in your gut, you can feel it in the pit of your stomach and you don’t want it to be true… but it’s what it is,’ Dragun says in the video.

One of her friends at the party model, Janet Guzman, went to speak to man and when she returned confirmed they wanted her to leave because she’s trans.

Rapper’s stamp of approval

As the group walked out of the property a white Rolls Royce pulled up beside them and the window rolled down halfway. It was enough for Dragun to realize it was the famous rapper.

He apparently told his security guard to get the girls’ number.

One of the guards allegedly took her friend Dana away from the group and shoved his hands down the back of her pants to grab her buttocks.

‘You kicked us out of the party for being trans and now you can’t be all about the trans,’ Dragun says.

According to Dragun, the group were later invited to a private party with rapper at a hotel in Los Angeles. Dragun expressed her disgust that the rapper had to allegedly court the women in private but didn’t want to do it at his party.

‘Why are you going to kick us out of your place and be about us and wanting to feel us up and down,’ she says.

‘To feel like a fetish… to feel like a behind the scenes feeling is kind of typical for trans people.’

‘I felt so embarrassed, I felt so nasty… why do I have to be the secret fetish that they can only like at a certain time in a dark room?’

Controversial tweets

Dragun who is a model for Morphe cosmetics, came under fire in August for controversial tweets. She tweeted at age 15 making jokes about paedophilia and also racist comments.

‘We’ve all met a child that makes us realize ‘child abuse’ began for a reason,’ she wrote in one tweet. Another tweet she wrote: ‘I’m not saying your child is ugly…. I’m just saying you will never have to worry about pedophiles’.

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