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Yungblud: ‘I tried everything, in terms of sexuality’

Yungblud: ‘I tried everything, in terms of sexuality’

  • Thugs threatened to cut his head off when he performed in Russia for wearing a skirt.

Singer-songwriter Yungblud has opened up about his sexuality again saying he ‘tried everything’ after he ran away from home aged 15.

The singer from Doncaster, northern England, also says thugs threatened to cut his head off in Russia, calling him a ‘faggot’.

And he addresses the break-up of his relationship with American singer-songwriter Halsey.

In the full interview in London’s Evening Standard Magazine, out today, Yungblud particularly praises his fanbase, The Black Hearts Club, for helping him make it through tough times.

‘I fell off stage, broke my ankle, got back up, carried on and did a whole tour in a fucking wheelchair. I nearly lost my mum in a car accident. I went from having £60 in my bank account to being internationally recognised across the world.

‘I went through a very public relationship, kind of getting my heart broken, and tried to commit suicide twice.

‘I’ve been in some really dark places but being Yungblud has enabled me to find a community and realise that I’m not alone and that there’s so many people going through the same struggles as me.’

‘I’m going to cut your head off, faggot’

Yungblud, now 22, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, uses the interview to talk about running away from home, aged 15.

‘I tried everything. In terms of sexuality, in terms of drugs, I liberated myself, rather dangerously to be honest — recklessly. I wanted to figure myself out so bad I didn’t care. I always say to young people, it was a distraction.’

In the past, Yungblud has said he is ‘very fluid’ in his sexuality and that it depends on ‘connection’ with someone.

He says he is ‘more straight’. But he has previously said: ‘[If] I walked down the street and met a fucking bloke tomorrow, or a trans person, you never know.’

Moreover, he rejects society’s gender rules.

Yungblud has previously said: ‘That’s why I fucking wear a dress on stage.

‘We’ve been brought up with such boundaries: woman wears dress, man sees woman’s curves, you can make baby. Western civilisation put women in dresses and men in trousers. Before that, in medieval times, every fucker wore a dress.’

And he’s also said he moved to the big city to experiment with gender and sexuality:

‘I came to London to be liberated, to be able to paint my nails, to fucking try sex with a guy, to try everything, to fulfil my fantasies and figure out who I am.’

Now, in the new interview, he says being himself put him in danger when touring in Russia.

He says: ‘In Russia we got death threats, like, “I’m going to fucking cut your head off, faggot, for wearing a skirt.”’

Splitting up with Halsey

To date, Yungblud’s most publicised relationship has been with singer Halsey.

In the new interview he explains why that ended:

‘Well, we were together when we could be together. I think that’s why things ended. We have our own goals and ambitions. We weren’t ready to… be together all the time.’

Meanwhile, he also uses the interview to attack UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It comes after British rapper Dave called Johnson a racist on the Brit Awards stage this week.

Yungblud says: ‘Take Boris Johnson. He’s just like Trump, he’s a reality TV star, he’s an influencer.

‘It’s the same way pop stars sell records, mate. It’s just one PR stunt after another.’

Support for LGBT+ people

LGBT+ people are more likely to struggle with poor mental health. But you can find help and support.

If you need help or you know someone who does, you can find a list of LGBT+ resources and helplines all around the world here.