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LGBTI activist Zach Wahls wins Iowa senate seat

LGBTI activist Zach Wahls wins Iowa senate seat

Zach Wahls just won a senate seat in the US state of Iowa.

The 27-year-old, who went viral in a video in 2011 defending his lesbian moms, took to Twitter last night (6 November) to announce his victory.

He tweeted: ‘We won. Thank you, Iowa.’

Zach Wahls, who ran as a Democratic candidate, received 78% of the vote.

He will be one of the youngest people to ever serve in the state senate.

The young senator campaigned on issues like affordable health care, education, improved workers’ rights and gun control.

‘I hope tonight marks a fresh start for Iowa,’ he said in a statement last night. ‘We must all come together to bring real reform to our health care system, restore a tradition of excellence to our public education system and raise incomes for Iowa’s working families.

‘It’s time to start thinking about the future of our state again,’ he added.

Zach Wahls viral video

Zach Wahls said his viral video in 2011 inspired him to run for office.

He said in his announcement at the end of last year: ‘Two quick notes about how we’re going to run this campaign.

‘FIRST, I am incredibly conscientious of the fact that I am a straight white guy running in the #MeToo moment.

‘I am running because I believe all Iowans need a seat at the table. That absolutely means more women running, it means more young people, it means more people of color.

‘This is an all hands on deck situation that is going to determine the future of our state for generations to come — and all hands means all hands.

‘I am going to listen to women.

‘I am going to hold myself and the men around me accountable for our behavior. For our generation, this is a basic qualification, but I feel it is one that is important to name and to say out loud,’ he tweeted.

Watch his viral video, with more than 19 million views:

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