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Zimbabwe MP claims political rivals are gay and paid by the CIA

Zimbabwe MP claims political rivals are gay and paid by the CIA

A Zimbabwean ruling party MP has made astounding claims about rivals within the Zanu PF party, saying they are part of a gay network sponsored by the CIA to destabilize the party.

Hurungwe West MP and Zanu PF provincial chairman Temba Mliswa used a press conference yesterday to make the claims, identifying Zimbabwe’s Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Zanu PF spin doctor Psychology Maziwisa as the ‘gay gangsters’ building networks in the party.

‘The gay gangsters are controlling the state media,’ Mliswa told the press conference.

‘The American CIA is a bunch of gay gangsters and you cannot be part of them if you are not one. I have links that talk about Professor Moyo’s gay tendencies.’

‘Some of you won’t write what I’m saying here to appease Prof[essor] Moyo.’

Mliswa made the claims after factional rivals accused him of having links to CIA operatives.

‘Moyo is more CIA agent than all of us combined; it is in his blood,’ Mliswa told the press conference.

‘Who is a CIA agent, the one who controls the fund or the one who receives?’

Mliswa accused Moyo of being recruited by the CIA while working for the Ford Foundation in Kenya in 1993 and showed the press conference a diagram which he claimed showed how the Ford Foundation was linked to the CIA.

The Zimbabwean Government under President Robert Mugabe has been one of the most vocal in opposing the rights of LGBTI people in Africa and since 2006 people of the same sex can be arrested and charged for merely hugging or holding hands.